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1927 Raiders: Undefeated, goal line uncrossed!

Brief History

In October of 1918, Scarsdale High School organized its first football team. The nickname for the new team was chosen: the Scarsdale Raiders, named after the Colgate Raiders. At the time, the Raiders were one of the best teams in Westchester County.

In the early days, the Big Game every year was Scarsdale against Bronxville. The Raiders hit their stride in 1927 when they went undefeated with their goal line uncrossed, out scoring opponents 137-2. 1928 was another stellar year as Scarsdale again went undefeated. It would be another thirteen years before the Raiders would go undefeated again, in 1940 and 1942. In 1944, Scarsdale parents celebrated football's popularity by starting the Scarsdale Youth Football League. The League still plays today.

In the late 1950's and early 1960's the Raiders were not as competitive as in prior years. They searched high and low and found Coach Ron Bouchier. Bouchier led the Raiders to success again, this time in the form of several Bowl games. The 1969 8-0 team scored an impressive 201 points while yielding only 26. This team was led by Mark Mandel, Ed Heuer and Craig McMurray. 1972 was another magical year which saw the Raiders go 8-1, with an impressive bowl win beating the White Plains Tigers 39-0. The team was led by all everything Quarterback Bruce Crystal, Mike Tasso, and future Pittsburgh Steeler Rick Moser. 1976 was also a very special year as Scarsdale went 7-2. The Raiders went into the Bowl game ranked 4th in the state but lost to Horace Greeley 6-0. 1977 was Bouchier's last year as coach, and it took several years for Scarsdale to get over his leaving the coaching ranks.

In 1984, then Athletic Director Ron Bouchier hired defensive guru Dick Paladino. After a tough first year, Paladino went on an impressive winning streak guiding the Raiders to appear in 5 straight Bowl games. Although they won just one of these Bowl games, Scarsdale was again at the forefront of football in Westchester County. Just as it appeared it could not get better, Coach Paladino decided to leave. Scarsdale Football was in flux in the mid to late 1990's.

In 1996 Ron Bouchier, Scarsdale High School's Athletic Director, made his final impact on Scarsdale Football by hiring young and enthusiastic coach Bob Keith. Keith has brought excitement back to the Raiders. Last year he brought Scarsdale their first night game on Dean field, and has helped encourage many youth players to join the once again flourishing Scarsdale Youth Football League. We are very excited for the future with Coach Keith aboard.

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